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1301 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven, CT

( between Dixwell Ave. & Rte. 22 )

Complete outdoor supplies

Don't bother rushing all over town for lawn and garden supplies. Bell Nurseries Inc also sells seeds, sod, chemicals, and even firewood.

Provide a strong foundation for your lawn today:


Provide a healthy new start for your garden or lawn

Are you ready to start planting? If you want your garden or lawn to really thrive, it's best to provide a firm foundation of mulch. Mulching locks in moisture, improves soil fertility and health, reduces weed growth and provides a beautiful, finished look.


Come to Bell Nurseries Inc for all of your mulch needs. They provide a wide selection of mulch, both bagged and in bulk.  Recycled material never sold.

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Bell Nurseries Inc has been providing the highest-quality mulch and outdoor supplies to the North Haven area since 1935.

 •  Complete landscaping

 •  Affordable topsoils

 •  Fire-pits and hardscaping

 •  Rare plant species

 •  Hanging baskets

Pick your favorite variety:

 •  Cedar and hardwood

 •  Pine and hemlock

 •  Red, black and brown mulches  

 •  Coco and Buckwheat Mulch

 •  Certified playground chips

Sample of mulch Mulch used on plant CTA

Mulch available for pickup, 7 days a week - Delivery available.


Spring Season Specials

Fire Pits, Hardscapes, Pavers,

Plants,  Nursery Stock  & Hanging Basket





Soils & Mulches bagged or bulk

Delivery Available

Full Gardening Supplies 


Shading flower and fruit trees. Huge inventory of privacy plants (2 to 8 feet)