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1301 Hartford Turnpike, North Haven, CT

( between Dixwell Ave. & Rte. 22 )


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Everything you need for your garden

You won't have to run all over the town for gardening supplies when you can find your mulch, topsoils, annuals, rare species, and hanging baskets at Bell Nurseries Inc.

Choose from a wide selection of perennials:


Find plantings that will beautify your garden

year after year

Perennials are flowering plants that will grow and bloom over the spring and summer, die in the autumn or winter, and then return the following spring from their root-stock. They give a lovely, reliable look to your gardening.


Bell Nurseries Inc provides a wide selection of unfussy, long-lived plants that will produce beautiful foliage year after year.

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Even more choices:

The friendly, formally-trained team at Bell Nurseries Inc have been serving the North Haven area since 1935.

 •  Gaillardia x grandiflora

 •  Gaura

 •  Geum chiloense

 •  Euphorbia

 •  Gloriosa daisy

 •  Hydrangias

 •  Tulips

 •  Pansies

 •  And much more!


All your favorite varieties:

 •  Peruvian lily

 •  Catmint and coneflower

 •  Coreopsis "mango punch"

 •  Forget-me-nots

 •  Aster x frikartii and more

 •  Daffodils  

 •  Impatiens

 •  Petunias

 •  Begonias

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Spring Season Specials

Fire Pits, Hardscapes, Pavers,

Plants,  Nursery Stock  & Hanging Basket





Soils & Mulches bagged or bulk

Delivery Available

Full Gardening Supplies 


Shading flower and fruit trees. Huge inventory of privacy plants (2 to 8 feet)

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