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The beauty and privacy of planted screenings

Privacy plants are an affordable, lovely alternative to walls and fencing. Whether you prefer a hedge or a screen of foliage, Bell Nurseries Inc can help you plan it and supply the ideal plants for it.


We have the right privacy plants for you including arborvitae, pine, spruce, cypress, and hemlock. Are you interested in flowering privacy plant? Several varieties are available.

Qualities to consider:

Bring in your photos, plans or dimensions and receive a free project estimate from Bell Nurseries Inc!

 •  Drought-resistant plants

 •  Pick contrasting colors

 •  Soft textures

 •  Bright foliage

 •  Select bold fragrances

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We Also Carry House Plants, Floor Plants, Garden Accents, Bird Baths,and Bird Feeding Supplies.



Spring Season Specials

Fire Pits, Hardscapes, Pavers,

Plants,  Nursery Stock  & Hanging Basket





Soils & Mulches bagged or bulk

Delivery Available

Full Gardening Supplies 


Shading flower and fruit trees. Huge inventory of privacy plants (2 to 8 feet)